How We Do It
Our Process

The LJO way begins at a very deep level with our client partners.

They trust us to provide insight and analysis into the market and are confident in our ability to deliver an up-to-the-second trend analysis and direction of the US and global marketplace.

We are attentive, diligent executers from inception to finish. We follow responsible sourcing and sustainability practices. And masters at speed to market. It’s a proven, client centric path to success for you.

Trends and Design

  • In-house designers – experts in diverse categories
  • Color/fabric specialist
  • 3D printer
  • Computer-generated illustrations
  • Process pattern: sketch, cad; o/s sketch, cad, blueprint, wood, mold
  • Global research & inspiration – travel world, collaborative partnerships

The Laboratory/QC

  • Our own lab
  • XRF material scanner (lead, phylates, thylates, etc.)
  • Inspections – every step from materials to pre-production to production for every line

Sustainability & Responsible Sourcing

  • Increased ventilation on production line
  • Monitoring pollutant level of exhaust from production floor reduce cutting material waste
  • Reduce phylates by use of PU vs PVC on uppers
  • Lead content below 300ppms
  • Reduction of hazardous chemicals – using waterbased cements with UV drying
  • Factories abide by local laws (wages, o/t, vacation, human rights, safety)
  • Factories transparent on wages, o/t, vacation
  • Adhere to federal standards for lead and phylates; prop 65
  • All materials test/inspected prior to production
  • Production goes through final inspection prior to ship

Sample Room

  • Utilized for all brands
  • Allows for protection of intellectual property
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Accessibility to respond quickly to the needs of business