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Welcome to Leif J Ostberg. A family owned, full-line footwear agency with over 30 years of designing, sourcing and developing footwear for customers and brands. Our partners call us LJO. They seek us out because they appreciate the flexibility in our tight infrastructure, the consistent and trusted value we provide and our perfect size — they never get lost in the mix.

We know our clients want to feel special, so with us they are a priority and a focus that ensures the personal attention they deserve. Our brands and customers appreciate we are a family business with one significant distinction – this family is run with the efficiency of a finely tuned, globally successful corporation.

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We keep it fast with quick access to senior LJO management. We are a one-stop source for full lines of men’s, women’s, kid’s, and infant’s athletic, industrial, hiking, and casual shoes. We do this with a highly talented in-house design team, responsible sourcing and a select network of international factories guided by our long-term partner LJO Taiwan.

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Our Strength
International Power

LJO’s reputation as a trusted footwear resource comes from a unique 3o+ year family partnership with our overseas sister company LJO Taiwan. One seamless vision, responding to our clients needs for over thirty years.

LJO Taiwan provides an outstanding factory base, low defective rate and impeccable quality control. They are known for outstanding speed to market and the ability to understand and execute against up-to-the-second trends.

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We cover a wide variety of categories and brands Рworking with private labels, national brands and licensing.

Many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years.
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