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Our History
30 Years Of Experience Designing, Developing And Sourcing Footwear.

We know our clients want to feel special, so with us, they are a priority, a focus,and they get the personal attention they deserve. Our clients appreciate we are a family business, an international family business, but with one significant distinction – this family is run with the efficiency of a finely tuned global corporation.

“We maintain the edge, but the thing about the edge, it’s always evolving.”

Leif J. Ostberg was established in 1983. Family owned, internationally driven, the company gained an immediate reputation for expertly crafted cleated footwear and athletic footwear.

“You are only as good as you are able to execute overseas, and we are very good.”

LJO acquired the Rawlings license in the early 90’s and quickly expanded into sporting goods chains throughout the country. Rawlings continues to be a major cleated and athletic footwear brand today.

“We never run away from anything. We never turn our back on a commitment. Ever.”

In 2005, 40+ year footwear veteran Jim Kimberlin bought the LJO company. In a short 10 years, the company has established dynamic relationships with iconic licensees, manufacturers, and retailers across the US and the world.

“Always be up for the challenge, a new technology and always be better than last season.”

The 2000s was a decade of expansion for LJO. In 2010 the company acquired the cleated footwear license for Italian manufacturer, Lotto. In 2012, Lotto athletic footwear quickly expanded into sporting goods chains. Other highlights included major brand partnerships, SSE patent pending compound (2014), and clear fit technology design and utility patents in 2010.

“In partnerships-- trust goes a long way.”

The future is exciting for LJO. Unlimited potential. Overseas power. Impassioned designers. Loyal partners. A commitment to do whatever it takes to serve our customer.

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